A Living Nightmare

Follow Anneliese in her darkest moments as she demonstrates her conviction to look for a better life tomorrow.

A Living Nightmare captures the true story of Anneliese Möwis, a young German girl, who witnesses her father’s capture by the Nazis during World War 2. After her 14th birthday, she finds herself abandoned by her mother and sisters. Her world is falling apart. Follow Anne as as she perseveres and lives for tomorrow.

Meet the Authors

Anneliese Pitt

Anneliese was born in pre-World War 2 Germany, which is now modern day Poland. She witnessed her father’s capture by the Nazis before being abandoned by her mother and sisters. She struggled through her early life before escaping East Germany and finding her way to Canada. In her later years, Anne spent much of her time hand making dolls and sewing quilts. Sadly, Anne succumbed to Covid shortly after her story was printed.

Ghislaine Raymond

The second youngest of 10 children, grew up in Northern Ontario. She worked in education for many years in High School Special Education classes. After her close friend, Anneliese, shared her desire to publish her story of survival during World War II, Ghislaine decided to help in her quest to write and publish it. When she is not writing or promoting her book, she spends her free time with her three children and 11 grandchildren on her peaceful retreat amongst the trees.

Laurette Leblond

One of Ghislaine’s older sisters, also grew up in Northern Ontario. She signed on to write the book with Ghislaine as she felt the story was worth telling. Drawing on her experience in education and as a print shop owner, Laurette was familiar with writing, printing and editing. She recently moved to British Columbia so she can be near her son, daughter and grandchildren. In her free time, she continues to work on various writing and design projects.

” I was waiting to exhale! The level of pain, betrayal, wickedness, and inhumanity to man broke me. A Living Nightmare by Ghislaine Raymond and Laurette Leblond lived up to its name. Anneliese was one of the strongest persons I’ve heard of or read about. Her grit, perseverance, strength, and hope, even when she felt like giving up, I dare say, qualifies her for sainthood. Ghislaine and Laurette documented Anneliese’s story so beautifully. They painted vivid pictures that activated my imagination and scrubbed raw at my emotions. Anneliese lived an eventful life that I doubt one book can adequately capture. I cannot get over the betrayal by her mother and Dora, especially Lotte. Anneliese was a survivor, and I’m glad her story became a book. Thank you, Ghislaine and Laurette, for a humbling reading experience.”

Jennifer Ibiam

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